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4 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Want A New Job

If you're feeling stuck and dissatisfied with your life, it may be time for a change. Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at their job, so if you're feeling unhappy, a change of occupation may be just what you need to get yourself out of your current rut. Here are four things you should ask yourself when deciding to find alternate employment:

1. Is it time for a change in career?

When you're ready to find a new job, you should first ask yourself if you're happy in your current career. If your industry makes you happy and you generally like the type of work that you do, then maybe you only need to find employment at a different company. However, if you've always wanted to do something else with your life, then maybe it's time for a change in career. It's never too early or too late to decide to pursue a different career path. If you decide that you'd like to work in a different industry altogether, you should start doing research to find out what the job you want would entail.

2. Do you need additional schooling or training?

If you decide you'd like to do something completely different or you'd simply like to advance in your field, you may realize that you need additional training. This realization can be the start of a new beginning, so don't get discouraged if you realize this is the case. In many cases, you can get the training you need while continuing to work at your current job, by signing up for online classes or going to school at night.

3. Does your resume need work?

If you've been at your current job for a long time, the answer to this question is probably yes. A resume that is out of date can prevent you from getting the best job possible. Take the time to update your resume, editing it so it reflects your current skills and work experience. If you don't feel confident in your ability to do this alone, look for resume editing workshops in your area. You can even hire someone to do it for you, if you prefer.

4. Are you ready to get serious about your job hunt?

Finding a new job takes persistence and dedication. You can find a job available in your area, but it might take some time. Before you decide to quit your current job, make sure you're ready to spend the time it takes to find a new one.