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What Four Things Do Public Speakers On Tragedy Do?

The entire world is facing an ongoing tragedy in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people feel fatigued and despondent. However, it is possible to learn the tools necessary to overcome tragedy. A public speaker can share these tools with an assembled crowd, promoting mental wellness. Here are four important things that a public speaker will do during their speech about overcoming tragedy:

1. Affirm people's feelings.

Many people are solution-focused; they don't want to hear about a problem unless they're able to solve it. While a desire to solve others' problems is an admirable impulse, it can sometimes seem callous. First and foremost, people want to feel heard. After a tragedy, people experience a gamut of feelings ranging from anger to sorrow. A public speaker on tragedy will affirm people's feelings, assuring them that their emotions are welcome and understandable.

2. Discuss the importance of physical wellness.

The mind and body are connected. One cannot be truly healthy when the other is unwell. Much emphasis is placed on mental health in the wake of a tragedy, but it's important to encourage people to protect their physical health as well. A public speaker will encourage people to practice healthy habits, such as eating nutritious foods and exercising several times a week. A healthy sleep schedule can also keep people from succumbing to despair.

3. Raise awareness of mental illnesses.

Mental illnesses cannot be overlooked when discussing tragedy. Doctors aren't sure exactly what causes depression, but situational depression can sometimes be triggered by tragedy. A public speaker who speaks about tragedy will raise mental health awareness. They can discuss the symptoms of depression, which include oversleeping, weight gain, a lack of pleasure in previously enjoyable activities, and more. When people recognize the signs of depression in themselves and others, they are more likely to seek the appropriate mental health treatment.

4. Help people find a space to discuss their issues.

Information about overcoming tragedy is necessary, but people also need the opportunity to speak for themselves. A public speaker on tragedy will help people find a space to discuss their issues. Some speakers accomplish this by having everyone break up into small groups for discussion time. Other speakers may provide a list of counseling resources that people can use to find therapists. This portion of the process is very important since it allows people to take an actionable step toward healing.